Prompt Presentation of Candidates

Do not accept vacancies
Prompt presentation of candidates is a competence which is highly valued by our customers. Promptness is not achieved at the expense of quality and choice.

Competition is fierce and a vacancy should be filled without delay in order not to miss obvious market opportunities. The initiative should not simply be handed to the competitors

Our candidates are pre-selected
Our database comprises experienced managers and specialists only. Every one of them has been subject to an interview conducted by a member of our management team. To the extent possible we endeavour to continuously maintain contact with our candidates. We know their competences and their aspirations. In many cases they have structured their life in such a way that they are able to quickly seize an attractive opportunity, be it an interim position or a permanent job

Go for a quick solution
Effectiveness is a key issue with Danish Executive Search & Selection. Our organisation is non-hierarchical and all assignments are handled by senior search specialists. Since 1970 we have placed experienced managers and specialists with customers in Denmark and worldwide