Candidate Database

Our database provides comprehensive information for the selection of candidates who match the job profile both with respect to interim and permanent employment – in Denmark or worldwide

List of candidates
An initial database search provides an immediate picture of potential candidates’ general business experience, language skills, education and previous employment – where, for how long and at which level

Business experience
The Danish Executive Search & Selection Database contains facts about candidates with experience in:
General management, production and technical management, construction, product development, financial management and accounting, organisational development and HR management, purchasing, logistics, quality management, IT, sales and marketing, projects and project management, strategic planning and turn-around management, national and international negotiations, board of directors assignments and teaching

Industry/trade experience
Virtually every conceivable line of business is represented in our database

International experience
Many candidates have experience from expat positions or have been responsible for international activities

Language skills and education
Our database of course also provides information about each candidate’s language qualifications and about their formal education and degrees

Danish Executive Search & Selection conducts interviews with all candidates prior to their admission to our database, thus ensuring a good personal knowledge of the individual candidate which in turn facilitates the selection of candidates to be presented to the customer in question

Admission to the database
Prior to admission to the database a selection, based on the applicants qualifications and our evaluation from the interview, takes place. The personal meeting with every individual provides a good general view both of the applicant’s qualifications and personal characteristics – a dimension which is very useful in combination with the basic criteria such as practical experience, line of business, geography, languages, education and previous employment.
Not all applicants are admitted to the database